Extruded Polystyrene Materials XPS, produced with a fully automated system with the extrusion technology which produces foam materials with a homogeneous cell structure, used for thermal insulation. Learn More Produced with
the latest technology
is produced by using the latest technology. So it provides enduring buildings by preserving energy Learn More
XPS Sustainability great way to build
a better future
cares about enviroment so it is produced by sustainable energy. If you would like to have a better future for humanity and environment, learn more details about . Learn More
INSENSITIVE TO WATER ABSORPTION has a closed-cell structure and does not allow water absorption. Learn More EFFICIENT USE OF ENERGY - RABBET EDGE XPS reduces heat loss by leaving no space between the building and the outside environment to extend the life of the building with its rabbet edge. Learn More MINIMAL HEAT LOSS –
waffle surface xps
Waffled XPS, ensures minimum heat loss by keeping friction at the highest level. Learn More
WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR CREATING FIRE? Fuel, heat, oxygen... Remove fuel, heat or oxygen and you will not be able to create a flame or fire. plates are produced with CO2. This is our guarantee for fire retardant plates. Learn More XPS packaging dimensions packagıng has sensıtıve condıtıons XPS has package alternatives and different XPS board quantities in different package dimensions. offers all alternatives in best ways. Learn More TESTED BY TEMAX PHARMA+ is produced by European standards and tested in TEMAX PHARMA+ laboratories. Learn More shape and colour flexibility provides many colour and shape options to its partners with its production technology. Learn More

Determine the Thickness

can be produced between 16 – 120 mm.

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Determine the Length

 can be produced up to 3 meters.

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Determine the Colour

can be produced in any colour.

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Determine the Width

can be produced 0,6 meter, 0,9 metre or 1,2 meter.

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provides a sustainable insulation experience with nonflammable materials.

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